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Malone’s totalhealth Pharmacy, Kilrush

Blister Medication Packing 

At Malone's totalhealth Pharmacy we are happy to organise your prescription into a daily and weekly blister service for your convenience.

Blood Pressure Testing

We offer blood pressure monitoring service in the pharmacy. Simply call in and have your blood pressure checked if you have any concerns or if you simply want to know what it is. If you have risk factors for high blood pressure such as being overweight, or if you smoke and take very little exercise, it is advisable to have your blood pressure checked at least once per year. If your Pharmacist finds that your blood pressure is high, you will be advised to see your doctor.

Cholesterol Screening

We offer cholesterol screening in-store. Book your test today. Our health advisor will explain your results in easy-to-understand language. If the results show any cause for concern, we will advise you see your doctor.

Diabetes Advice

If you have diabetes or think you might be at risk of developing diabetes, call into the pharmacy and discuss your concerns with our trained staff. Living with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes is challenging. Our trained staff can conduct a diabetes risk assessment, offer support and advice on blood glucose meters, lifestyle and diet.

 Emergency Contraception

There are two types of Emergency Contraception available from your pharmacy without a prescription. They need to be taken within 72 hours following sexual intercourse. We provide emergency contraception consultations in a discreet, sensitive manner in a confidential setting. Please see your Pharmacist immediately if you are concerned.

Flu Vaccination

Are you at risk from getting the flu? If you are over 65 or have any long term health condition or may be pregnant or care for someone who is ill, you would benefit from having the flu vaccine. Book your flu vaccination today at the pharmacy.

Incontinence Care

Malone’s totalhealth Pharmacy offer sound practical and discreet advice on managing incontinence. The pharmacy stocks a comprehensive range of products to assist with incontinence care.

Medicines Review

From time to time, and particularly if you are being treated for a number of ailments, you may wish to review your medication. The Pharmacist is happy to assist with this and if any concerns are raised, may advise that you contact your doctor.

Ostomy Supply

Malone’s totalhealth Pharmacy can supply all the necessary equipment needed including: pouch systems or ostomy bags, barrier rings and all offer support and advise when needed.

Pain Control

Our qualified staff are available to advise on the correct type of pain control medication or alternative treatments that would help alleviate your symptoms best. The Pharmacist is happy to assist with advising on the correct course of treatment and if any concerns are raised, may advise that you contact your doctor.

Photo Services

Keep your memories close. Too many times those precious photographs get deleted or forgotten on phones and laptops. We offer photography development, copying and printing at reasonable rates.

Skin Analysis

Skin Analysis: Our staff are trained to advise on the correct skincare products for your skin. Call in today and enjoy a consultation from our trained advisors to make your skincare routine enjoyable and simple.

Smoking Cessation

Quitting smoking may be the single most positive thing you do to improve your health. There is no age barrier to quitting, and anyone who stops smoking can enjoy many health and lifestyle benefits. We in totalhealth Pharmacies have a specially designed Smoking Cessation programme that our Smoking Cessation Advisors follow. We understand that quitting smoking is a very difficult thing for a person to do and we want to assure them that our programme is designed to support them every step of the way. We encourage our customers who want to embark on the journey of quitting to call in and talk to our Smoking Cessation Advisors and get get started. We use a combination of an initial consultation, agreeing a date, a pre-Quit consultation, first week support, follow up consultations to help our patients succeed.

Support Stockings

Our Pharmacist is trained to find the best support stockings to fit and suit you. They will measure your legs to ensure that the correct style, size and type of compression or support stockings is selected. Support stockings improve circulation by encouraging the blood to flow up towards the heart. Call in to the pharmacy to ensure that you have the best support stocking for your needs.

Weight Management/BMI Check   

Healthcare professionals use a measure called the body mass index (BMI) to determine if you are overweight or obese. Your BMI is your body weight measured in kilograms divided by the square of your height in metres.  Testing of body mass index is simple and is available at the pharmacy.  Our dedicated team offer dietary advice, supplements and a selection of helpful products for those who are overweight.

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